At KM Music Conservatory we offer a wide range of programmes to suit all ages and abilities, ranging from six-month part-time courses to a full-time, two-year Diploma course that can lead to an internationally recognised undergraduate degree from a British university.

KMMC offers two, internationally recognised higher education qualifications in collaborative partnership with Middlesex University in the UK. Both combine the Hindustani and Western classical music traditions and provide students with a range of solo and ensemble performance opportunities.

KMMC also offers a range of part-time courses in everything from intensive instrumental and vocal tuition to audio engineering and electronic music production.


The Foundation Certificate is a one-year programme (July-May) that builds the knowledge, skill and competency necessary for undergraduate education. The program lays the foundation of competence in Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Flute, Violin and Western and Hindustani classical music required to go on and obtain a degree in music.

KM Music Conservatory is proud of its affiliation with Middlesex University in London, UK. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on succesful completion. Our Foundation programme is one of the accepted qualifications for entry to the KMMC Diploma, which forms the first two years of the BA (Hons) Music degree at Middlesex University.

Enrolment criteria

*** Next new batch starts July 2018. Contact info@kmmc.in for Details***

Fees 2017-18: Rs.6,00,000/- [Subject to annual revision]

• Ages: 16+

• Completed application form and fee

• English proficiency: Applicants must have earned a “B” grade or 55% in the 10th Standard English Board Exam, or an equivalent internationally recognised qualification, to be considered for this course.

• Interview: The interview will examine the student’s musical interests, experience and critical thinking skills.

• Audition: Applicants are expected to either sing, or perform on their chosen instrument, and to complete basic aural exercises designed to test their general musicianship.


The KMMC Diploma programme is a two-year, full-time course with a curriculum designed to follow on from our one-year Foundation course. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on succesful completion. An articulation agreement between KM Music Conservatory and Middlesex University allows the transfer of credit from the Diploma Programme delivered by KM to advanced standing and credit one or more specified programmes delivered by Middlesex. Student entry is subject to availability and other entry criteria.

The Diploma curriculum delves further into the practical, technological, historical and theoretical aspects of both Western and Hindustani music, encouraging students to specialise in their chosen field whilst still exploring the full spectrum of musical subject areas.

The programme develops each student’s potential as a budding professional, by expanding on knowledge and skills gained in the Foundation course.

Enrolment criteria

•Fees Diploma 1 2017-18: Rs.6,00,000/- per year [Subject to annual revision]

• Fees Diploma 2 2017-18: Rs.6,00,000/- per year [Subject to annual revision]

• Ages: 18+

• Completed application form and fee

• Applicants are normally expected to have completed KMMC’s Foundation Certificate, or an equivalent qualification.

• Applicants should have 12th Standard English at above 55%, or IELTS Pass at 6.0.

• Enquiries are also welcome from applicants with equivalent musical experience or qualifications, in which case an interview and audition will be required.


The Preparatory programme is a part-time, one-year curriculum designed for music enthusiasts of any age, from five years upwards. It includes compulsory music theory class and practical music lessons and consists of weekly private and group lessons designed to develop a student’s musical skills at his or her own pace.

The course can either serve as a progression toward serious, full-time study on our Foundation Programme or simply towards enjoying music as a hobby or being able to perform confidently in public.