At KM Music Conservatory we offer a wide range of programmes to suit all ages and abilities, ranging from six-month part-time courses to a full-time, two-year Diploma course that can lead to an internationally recognised undergraduate degree from a British university.

KMMC offers two, internationally recognised higher education qualifications in collaborative partnership with Middlesex University in the UK. Both combine the Hindustani and Western classical music traditions and provide students with a range of solo and ensemble performance opportunities.

KMMC also offers a range of part-time courses in everything from intensive instrumental and vocal tuition to audio engineering and electronic music production.


The Foundation Certificate is a one-year programme (July-May) that builds the knowledge, skill and competency necessary for undergraduate education. The program lays the foundation of competence in Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Flute, Violin and Western and Hindustani classical music required to go on and obtain a degree in music.

KM Music Conservatory is proud of its affiliation with Middlesex University in London, UK. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on succesful completion. Our Foundation programme is one of the accepted qualifications for entry to the KMMC Diploma, which forms the first two years of the BA (Hons) Music degree at Middlesex University.

Enrolment criteria

*** Next new batch starts July 2019. Contact info@kmmc.in for Details***

Cost for One Year Foundation Certificate Programme 2019-2020 is   INR7,00,000/-(Fee is subjected to Annual Review)

• Ages: 16+

• Completed application form and fee

• English proficiency: Applicants must have earned a “B” grade or 55% in the 10th Standard English Board Exam, or an equivalent internationally recognised qualification, to be considered for this course.

• Interview: The interview will examine the student’s musical interests, experience and critical thinking skills.

• Audition: Applicants are expected to either sing, or perform on their chosen instrument, and to complete basic aural exercises designed to test their general musicianship.


The KMMC Diploma programme is a two-year, full-time course with a curriculum designed to follow on from our one-year Foundation course. This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on succesful completion. An articulation agreement between KM Music Conservatory and Middlesex University allows the transfer of credit from the Diploma Programme delivered by KM to advanced standing and credit one or more specified programmes delivered by Middlesex. Student entry is subject to availability and other entry criteria.

The Diploma curriculum delves further into the practical, technological, historical and theoretical aspects of both Western and Hindustani music, encouraging students to specialise in their chosen field whilst still exploring the full spectrum of musical subject areas.

The programme develops each student’s potential as a budding professional, by expanding on knowledge and skills gained in the Foundation course.

Enrolment criteria

• Cost for 1st Year of Diploma 2019-2020 is  NR7,00,000/-(Fee is subjected to Annual Review)

• Cost for 2nd Year of Diploma 2019-2020 is  NR7,00,000/-(Fee is subjected  to Annual Review).

• Ages: 18+

• Completed application form and fee

• Applicants are normally expected to have completed KMMC’s Foundation Certificate, or an equivalent qualification.

• Applicants should have 12th Standard English at above 55%, or IELTS Pass at 6.0.

• Enquiries are also welcome from applicants with equivalent musical experience or qualifications, in which case an interview and audition will be required.


The Preparatory programme is a part-time, one-year curriculum designed for music enthusiasts of any age, from five years upwards. It includes compulsory music theory class and practical music lessons and consists of weekly private and group lessons designed to develop a student’s musical skills at his or her own pace.

The course can either serve as a progression toward serious, full-time study on our Foundation Programme or simply towards enjoying music as a hobby or being able to perform confidently in public.

Enrolment criteria

• Ages: 5 upwards

• Application fee

• Completed application

• No audition required

Fees (12-Month Course)

  • Piano – Rs.65,000/
  • Violin – Rs.65,000/-
  • Western Vocals – Rs.75,000/-
  • Hindustani Vocals – Rs.65,000/-
  • Percussion/Tabla – Rs.65,000/-
  • Guitar – Rs.65,000/-
  • Flute – Rs.65,000/-
  • Cello: Rs. 65,000/-
  • Viola: Rs. 65,000/-
  • Double Bass: Rs. 65,000/-

Summer Programmes

KMMC’s Summer Programmes offer aspiring musicians of all ages the chance to study for short periods of time, at our newly-built, custom designed facility in the heart of Chennai. We offer tailor-made programmes for every levels of ability and all ages, so there is something for everyone.

Enrolment criteria


The programme will comprise a three-week intensive study period at the KM Music Conservatorycampus in Chennaibetween Monday 13th and Friday 31st May 2019. This comprises full time education with us Mon-Fri, 10am – 5pm. The course combines both individual specialist training (1-to-1), group specialist training (same discipline), and general music training and group work (cross discipline) in order to create a comprehensive music education experience that has an industry edge and focuses on practical development. The course will finish with a live concert performance.

Courses Available

Western Vocal with Eric Forster and Keisha Cook:

  • Individual and group sessions with our international faculty
  • Work on posture, breathing, technique and the fundaments of singing
  • Have fun with interpretation and working on the emotional characteristics of music
  • Special sessions on staging and dramatising music
  • Suitable for students aged 10 and over of all abilities
  • Rs 39,000 /- (inc. tax)

Piano with Lavania Kumar:

  • Individual and group classes with our international faculty
  • Work on technique, posture, finger exercises and sight reading
  • Specially selected repertoire and exercises to suit your level
  • Can assist towards TCL and ABRSM Performance Grades
  • Suitable for students aged 10 and over of all abilities
  • Rs 39,000 /- (inc. tax)

Composition and Theory with Jimmy Bunch:

  • A hands-on introductory course in the methods of western composition
  • A blend of specialised lectures and individual 1-on-1 sessions per week
  • Work on instrumentation / improvisation / orchestration / arranging
  • Develop a composition throughout the course
  • Access to the core, general music summer school programmes at KMMC
  • Ideal for those who are wanting to further their skills as a composer
  • RS 39,000 /- (inc. tax)

Guitar with Matt Bacon:

  • Individual and group classes with our international faculty
  • work on technique, posture, finger exercises and musicality
  • Specially selected repertoire and exercises to suit your level
  • Can assist towards TCL and ABRSM Performance Grades
    Suitable for students aged 10 and over of all abilities
  • Rs 39,000 /- (inc. tax)

Percussion with Anantha Krishnan:

  • Explore world music as an ensemble taken by our international faculty
  • Explore the sound and rhythms of different countries and traditions
  • Put your newly found knowledge immediately to use in practical sessions
    • Hone your skills as an ensemble player and free-style improviser
    • Suitable for intermediate level musicians who have some proficiency on an instrument
    • Rs 39,000 /- (inc. tax)

Hindustani Vocal with Humble Shine:

Group classes and individual sessions with our esteemed faculty
Develop understanding of the fundaments of Hindustani Classical Singing
Work on voice culturing, breathing, posture and technique
Explore the diverse and rich heritage and history of the Indian Classical tradition
Rs 35,000 /- (inc. tax)

Examples of Sessions and Day Outline

Group: Cross Discipline

These sessions will cover larger areas relating to music performance, technology, history and culture. These interactive and multi-media heavy sessions are designed to be of interest for all aspiring musicians and will help in the development and understanding of how music developed, aspects of style and genre, basics of studio and recording, online music platforms for publicity and marketing, as well as confidence building and stagecraft sessions. They will be used later in the summer school to bring together the final performances.

Group: Specialist Training

These sessions comprise of group sessions per discipline (all pianists together, all western vocalists etc.) and take the form of interactive master classes. During these sessions the faculty member will work intensively with one or more students in front of the whole class. These sessions may relate to areas of technique, interpretation or other performance issues. Not only does this allow all students to benefit from the teaching, but they help in gaining stage confidence.

Individual: Specialist Training

One on one sessions are tailored to the development of each individual student taking part in the course. At the outset of the course a consultation will take place in order to gauge the student’s ability, set targets for the course and work out a personal regime to be followed during the course (technical exercises, repertoire). Individual sessions will occur either daily or every two days dependent on number of students and need. Session lengths vary dependent on the need and standard of the student and may fluctuate throughout the course as required (at some points shorter sessions more often may be suited or longer sessions with larger gaps between).

Course Outcomes

There will be a final public concert (or concerts depending on number of participants) where students get the opportunity to play live in one of the KM performance spaces. The concerts may be themed or may have elements drawn from the Group training in them.

Sample Day Schedule (may differ for different disciplines)

1. 9.00-10.00am – Arrive at KM and warm up / practice
2. 10.00am-12noon – Group Session: Cross Discipline
3. 12noon-1pm – Lunch
4. 1pm-3pm – Individual Sessions Specialist / practice time
5. 3pm-3.30pm – Afternoon Break
6. 3.30pm-5.00pm – Group Session: Specialist Area

Russian Piano Studio

KM Music Conservatory offers an opportunity to be trained in an intensive one-year piano program under Surojeet Chatterji, a passionate mentor with a missionary zeal.

In a simplified, step-by-step process, Mr Chatterji’s methodology, which was honed during his time as a scholarship student at the Russian Conservatoire, is unveiled. He demonstrates the anatomical, choreographical and emotive movements of the performer as he immerses his body and soul into the piano. The idea is to transform the otherwise percussive piano into something more like a vocal or string instrument, resonating in an exquisite, frictionless fluidity. By applying this to customised exercises, young learners find they have the speed and power to progress much faster than would be possible in conventional lessons.

The inclining of the body in a posture of total surrender into the piano also creates an all-absorbing intense physical intimacy, stirring the poetic imagination of the pianist and empowering him to breathe life into the piano, as if it had a soul of its own. The pianist and the piano become one and it is this fusion that inspires the artist to discover himself, resulting in unprecedented possibilities of uninhibited expression.

This methodology has been praised by musical educationists of many countries, from US politicians, to renowned conductors like Maestro Zubin Mehta and world famous institutions like Russia’s Bolshoi Theatre. KMMC invites you to enroll in this course and experience the magic of the method for yourself. Your passion and practice will enable you, whether you are 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years old, to perform live and wow an audience in just nine months. The method has proven itself many times over. Come and prove yourself and find out just how much you can achieve!

Enrolment criteria

• Ages: 8 upwards

• Application fee

• Completed application

• Interview


Rs.1,25,000 /- per year

Audio Engineering

Our Audio Engineering course offers an in-depth training in all the key aspects of professional audio engineering, covering a wide range of skills, from basic theories of sound through to recording, mixing and mastering. We also teach acoustics, audio for video, sound design, sound reinforcement and audio for broadcast.

Students have the option of taking a six-month introductory course or a full year of study. Both have been carefully designed to prepare students for any professional environment in the audio industry. Classes on each take place on three days per week.

Enrolment criteria

***Next Batch starts on October 23rd, 2017. Classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am and 12pm: Contact info@kmmc.in for Admission ***

• Ages: 18+

• Application fee

• Completed application

• Grade 12 pass or equivalent


Rs.3,00,000/- (one year)

Electronic Music Production

The Electronic Music Production at KM Music Conservatory is a rounded music course which covers many aspects of modern music production.
Various stages in production such as composition, styles, song-forms, instrumentation are covered. Technical aspects such as voice and instrument recording, audio and midi editing on a digital audio workstation and a look into mixing using onboard plug-ins.
The course is designed to help the student start with an idea and develop that idea into a full- fledged composition and production.
Classes are delivered across three days per week.

Areas Covered:

• The modern workstation Assembly and signal flow of the digital audio workstation.

Listening Analysis:
• A continuous look into different musical styles- Rock, Pop, Jazz, Electronic etc.
• Analysis of songs – forms and construction of a composition.
• Time , Tempo, Rhythm
• Time signatures, Quantization for drums and various rhythm based instruments.

• String section analysis
• Range of instruments
• Methods of composition using those instruments on the computer.

Midi/Audio Editing:
• In-depth study of Audio Recording using microphone& editing it using different techniques.

• Bringing the production to life, using different mixing related plug-ins and equalizers

Enrolement Criteria

*** Next Batch starts on October 25th, 2017. Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 2pm and 4pm: Contact info@kmmc.in for Details ***

• Ages: 18+

• Application fee

• Completed application

• Grade 12 pass or equivalent


Rs. 2,60,000 /- (six months)


The basis of our Certificate in Composition is a series of intensive, weekly studio sessions designed to enhance technical skills and creativity by working systematically and critically on students’ own compositional materials.

The programme is delivered in a series of six-month Certificate Levels. The first three levels are taught in weekly, one-and-a-half hour group lessons, focused on strategies of improvisation as a tool for composing. The final three six-month Certificate Levels involve weekly hour-long private tutorials. The weekly sessions also cover subjects such as fugue, orchestration or advanced analysis, depending on the individual student’s needs and interests.

Throughout the course, students also attend two-hour workshops, twice a month, focusing on key elements of compositional practice, including instrumentation, notation and setting pictures to sound. These also provide a unique forum for students to hear their work-in-process performed by instrumentalists from the Conservatory.

To progress to Composition Level 4 on the course, a student must first have passed Theory Certificate Level 3. After each six-month block, students will be required to submit a satisfactory composition portfolio before progressing to the next Certificate Level. Portfolios will be reviewed every six months.

Course Details

Entry requirements:

• Minimum 10th Standard Pass upwards

• Application fee: Rs. 1,100

• Completed application

• No audition required

• Delivered in six incremental levels

• Level 3 Theory before starting Level 4 Composition

Fees (per 6-month block):

  • Composition – Rs.65,000/

Certificate in Performance

The Certificate in Performance (CP) is a unique one-year programme for the aspiring musician who wishes to pursue focused, intensive, part-time study in vocal or instrumental training and performance.

The course allows performers to advance their practical skills without taking the full written and theory elements covered by our full-time Foundation programme.

Classes cover a wide range of topics, such as performance practice, movement, acting, technique, improvisation, sight-reading, elementary musicianship, stage presence and expression. There are opportunities for both solo and ensemble performances throughout the year.

Enrolment criteria

• Ages: 18+

• Application fee

• Completed application

• Grade 12 pass or equivalent

Fee: Rs.4,00,000/-


KM Music Conservatory (KMMC for short) is the first institution of its kind in India. We are a higher education institution and we were established in 2008 by the A.R. Rahman Foundation.

Situated in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities at the heart of Chennai’s film and music industry, we offer a range of part-time and full-time courses in Hindustani and Western classical music and music technology.

Under the patronage of our founder, A.R. Rahman, we offer programmes for all ages and abilities. We are located in the purpose-built campus of KM College of Music and Technology, which also houses commercial recording studios and The Sunshine Orchestra for underprivileged children.

Our renowned faculty are drawn from around the world, with specialisms in musical performance, musical theory and analysis, music history and music technology.

We meet the highest standards of international education, attracting faculty and students from around the world, and we are proud to be affiliated to Middlesex University in London. Our Diploma Programme is validated as part of the BA (Hons) Music Degree course at Middlesex, which means our students have the chance to graduate from KMMC and go on to complete an internationally recognised honours degree in the UK.

A. R. Rahman serves as the Head Principal of the Conservatory, while Fathima Rafiq is our Executive Director with day-to-day oversight of all operations.

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