Our Russian Piano Studio is led by virtuosic pianist Surojeet Chatterji, who was the first Indian musician to be granted a full scholarship by the offices of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, to study at the world famous Moscow Conservatory. He studied there for a further decade before graduating with the institution’s highest degree.

Mr Chatterji had first begun his piano studies as a child in Allahabad, with his teacher, Naju Shapoorjee. His innate talent soon became apparent and he went on to receive the Licentiate from the Royal Schools of Music in London, having studied under Mr. Hosie Palamkote at the Delhi School of Music, before being selected to further his studies in Moscow.

Having completed his studies, Mr Chatterji emigrated to the USA, where he taught successfully for 25 years. Notably, he was able to inspire underprivileged youths, who were typically the least exposed to Western classical music, and to make them proficient performers in very short periods of time.

In recent years, Mr Chatterji returned to India to take up the position as head of the new Russian Piano Studio at KMMC, where his mission is to impart and share his accumulated wealth of experience from around the world and to inspire young people in his native country to become fully fledged classical musicians and virtuoso pianists.

A most emotive, passionate and choreographic pianist, a pupil of Surojeet Chatterji, is an assistant teacher in the Russian piano studio .The strength and the verve of his conviction moves his audiences to tears. His interpretations of some composers would make one believe that they could not be performed any better. Besides his thorough and most effectual approach as a teacher is very distinct in the performances of his young students.