Technical Assistance Personnel

Educated in the field of Computer Hardware with a view to manage electrical, electronic and computer technicality on a practical basis in the Institution.Additional portfolio of preventive maintenance of musical instruments and office equipment in the Institution.
Constantly self-updating on advancement of technicality so as to incorporate the latest technicality in the Institution if the situation demands.

Back up and Troubleshooting management pertaining to equipment also comes under his purview. Also to deal with elementary office management.

Guest Relations

Appointed to serve as Guest Relations Officer at KMMC. A pass-out in Higher Secondary Education with a desire to meet people and educate himself further in the field of Public Relations. Karthik also has the additional responsibility of creating schedules for the Preparatory Programme at KMMC so as to enable systemized delivery of
teaching. His portfolio also enables him to direct inquiries to the correct member of the administrative or academic team. Work towards the overall objective of successfully handling the entire front-office management so as to create the nerve centre of the Institution.