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Student Support

Academic help

The faculty and staff at KMMC are committed to your success. We want to help enhance your education by providing you with the resources you need to succeed. We provide weekly tutor sessions in the KMMC library and writing skills sessions. In addition, our faculty is available for personal help if you are seeking additional help. Please let us know how to help you!

Disability Support

KMMC does not discriminate based on physical or mental disability. If you have concerns about a disability please contact us. If you have a medical condition, physical difficulty, sensory impairment, mental health problems or a specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia) that you feel could impact on your studies and would like information about support provision that can be made available, please contact the Conservatory Administration. You are encouraged to make your situation known at the earliest opportunity to ensure due provision is made. Support can include, but is not restricted to: advice on Programme related study needs, arranging support such as note takers and arranging special provision for examinations and undertaking needs assessments for students applying or support. Confidentiality will be respected and relevant details will only be disclosed with your permission. For disability support, please contact Vijayalakshmi by phone at 044-4344-4786 or email (

Affiliated Counsellors

Karthik Lakshmanan RM
Counselling Psychologist,Srinivasa Hospital
Details at:

Dr. Sentil Kumar Dhandapani,
Homeopathy Consultant & Psychologist
Vivekanantha Homeopathy Clinic & Psychological Counselling Center
Details at:

Student Health

Medical Care

Chennai has incredible array of medical care options to offer KM students, faculty and staff. The easiest way to see a doctor is to go to a hospital.Depending on the ailment and its severity, you may choose to go to a neighborhood doctor who has a small clinic in his house. These doctors will often check your weight, blood pressure, breathing and look at your throat and then write you an extensive prescription. There are some doctors with clinics in their homes less than 1 km walking distance from KM.


Walk-ins are usually welcome at any hospital. If you need services such as laboratory tests or x-rays, you will find that they need to be paid for first before tests will be issued. There will be a billing counter that will give you a receipt upon payment. You will have to present this receipt to the laboratory confirming that you have completed payment. This is required even for an emergency situation. In addition, if you need an IV or syringe – they need to be paid for first. Hospital costs are generally reasonable for services.

Reputed Hospitals

Best Hospital (Private General Hospital)
#9 Vallalar Street,
Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024
Near Kodambakkam Power House Stop
Phone: (044) 24832781, (044) 24832777

Sooriya Hospital
#1 Arunachalam Road,
Saligramam, Chennai 600093
Phone : (044) 2376175156 Fax : (044) 23761757

Pallava Hospital (Closest to KMMC)
19A, First Avenue,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083
Walk-in. Good for severe flu symptoms, x-rays or blood tests and has a pharmacy in the same building.
Phone: (044) 24895390, (044) 24892534, (044) 24898100

Apollo Hospital
No. 21 Greams Lane, off Greams Road,
Chennai, 600006
Phone: (044) 2829 0200, (044) 2829 3333
One of the most respected hospitals in India and they have several centers around India. This hospital also offers specific doctors for optometry, gynecology, dentistry, oncology, and emergencies. Appointment recommended.


The Madras Institute of Ayurveda
#175 N.S.K txt11-inner,
Vadapalani, Chennai 600026
Location at Vijaya Health Centre Campus
Phone: (044) 2484 5497

Dr. C. Ambigapathi (closest to KMMC)
New 76/152 Rangarajapuram Road
Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024
Phone:(044) 2472 8098

Student Security


At KMMC, one of our primary concerns is the safety of our community. It is our goal to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbors. In maintaining a dynamic and diverse atmosphere that is safe and secure, we ask the members of the KMMC Community to make responsible decisions about safety.

Safety Precautions

Chennai is perhaps one of the safer areas of India in terms of crime, but pickpocketing, muggings, and robberies still occur. Use common sense and use your best judgment when venturing out of KMMC's campus. Keep your doors and windows shut and locked at night and do not carry or display large amounts of cash. It is advisable for women, especially unaccompanied ones, to dress modestly and limit their interaction with unfamiliar local men. Be alert to your surroundings. Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Chennai. Cross streets with extreme care as the traffic is generally heavy and drivers and pedestrians alike sometimes ignore traffic signals.

Police Stations In The Vicinity

R-#3 Ashok Nagar Police Station
Ashok Nagar, Chennai
Landmark: Near 3rd Avenue Junction)
Phone: (044) 24748880, (044)23452617

R-2 Kodambakkam Police Station
Kodambakkam, Chennai
Landmark: In Kodambakkam Railway Station
Phone: (044) 24828902

R-8 Vadapalani Police Station
Vadapalani Chennai
#37 2nd Street Alagiri Nagar
Landmark: Near Karumari Amman
Phone: (044) 24803738

Around Chennai

Chennai is the gateway to the rich and varied culture of the South Indian Peninsula. As south India’s commercial and cultural capital, it is the fourth largest metropolis in India with a population of over 6 million. Originally a group of villages set in paddy fields, the English East India Company established a post at St. George in 1640 and a new city took root.

Today, Chennai is a conglomeration of outgrown villages, with no distinct city centre. It is dynamic mix of old and new. Chennai has a rich cultural heritage of Tamil literature, music and dance that are perpetuated in universities and performing arts centers, as well as growing commercial districts and a thriving shopping and leisure scene.

Every year, Chennai is host to the December music season which features some of the best Indian classical musicians from all over the country. In addition, the organisations listed below offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities for students and visitors alike.

Local information

Ask Me Service 044 2644 4444
Call Ask Me Service for contact information of businesses and restaurants. They will SMS you the numbers and/or addresses. You can ask for up to three numbers in each text.

Cultural institutions, events and centres of learning

Alliance Francaise of Madras French Culture and Events
New No. 24
(Old no 40), College Road
Phone: (044) 2827-9803; 1477
General Hours: 9am-7pm

Goethe-Institute German Culture and Events
No. 4, Rutland Gate, 5th street
Phone: (044) 2833-1314
General Hours: 10:30am-5:00pm

Russian Centre of Science and Culture With Music, Chess and Dance School
No 74, Katsuri Rangan Road, Behind Chola Sheraton Hotel,
Phone: (044) 2499-0050
General Hours: 9am-6pm

Center for Counselling/World Storytelling Institute
18 Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, 9th Street
Phone: (044) 4208-0890

InKo Indian and Korean Cultural Centre
No 51, Sixth Raja Annamalaipuram
(044) 2436-1224
General Hours: 9:30am-6pm

Lalit Kala Academy Art studio display and workshops
New No. 4, Old No. 170 Greames Road
Phone: (044) 2829-1692
General Hours: 9:30am-6pm

Birla Planetarium
Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre
Gandhi Mandapam Road Guindy
Phone: (044) 2491-5250
General Hours: Tu-Sun 10am-5.45